WINs 9 May 2020

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WINs 9 May 2020
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WeekendPost 9.5.2020
WeekendPost 9.5.2020Source: WeekendPost



DCEC probes Matsheka over “FAKE” tender

David Magang on Masisi’s baptism of fire

P800m needed to give each family food hamper

BDP Cllrs lambast Ministers

DIS agent in Khama quad bike accident

Businesses defer hope to 2021 as spiritus animalis deteriorates

Govt halts essential service workers overtime allowance


We need more than a couple of a billion Pula

Coronavirus in the knowledge economy - machines can never replace human beings!


De Beers halts bids for Sightholder contracts

New African Properties trims dividend payout

Companies’ financials on lockdown

Resilience, rescue and recovery on the African continent

The first rate cut should have been the deepest – economists


A river runs through it

Flood of hope: waters return to the Okavango Delta


Rollers proposes pay cuts

BFA’s options amid COVID-19

Liberia 2019/20 Orange National League nullified

Orapa United Football Club donates P10 000 to COVID-19 fund

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