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Hotwire What's In The News (WINs) are a service to our top clients, with daily alerts on what is making Botswana's news. |Source: Hotwire
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WINs 7 June 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana

By Taazima Kala-Essack

Sunday Standard 7.6.2020
Sunday Standard 7.6.2020Source: Sunday Standard



Debswana probe opens can of worms

Nothing will ever kill the radio star!

Botswana in novel corruption pandemic

Botswana is rapist’s paradise – expert review


Judge slams DPP over livestock prosecution cases

Freezing temperatures would be good for Botswana’s economy

Ramokgwebana Border Post a Covid-19 ticking time bomb

Government to review “unproductive” ISPAAD

Mogalakwe demands a second bite of the cherry

UB expert sees high-end tourists returning but…

Botswana’s model of tourism a perfect fit for Covid-19 era

A season for change is nigh

Labour activist speaks on the need for unity on workplace amid Covid-19

Five Batswana to be allocated land in Gaborone

China turns to ‘street vendor economy’ to help manage unemployment crisis


“Small-man” takes Banc ABC to the cleaners

Jefferis back in Govt pay roll while his company “wins” lottery

It doe not rain but pours for “Dineo tsa Pula” at the national lottery

BAMB boss on a ‘clean up campaign’ as millions of Pula goes missing

Botswana extend business trading hours as economy remains on a “slow motion”…

Chobe Holdings confident of quick recovery post Covid-19

PPC Botswana commits to citizen agenda for local economic impetus

Lucara Diamond reflects on Covid-19 impact

Letshego executive gives post Covid-19 brief


She stoops to conquer – Botswana women dull their shine to attract mates

Keeping jazz alive during the Covid-19 pandemic


To do or not to do – a question for local football

Wheelchair tennis introduction excites BTA

Letshwiti and Sebego – bad blood is boiling

BNOC affiliates demand more anti-doping funding

The Patriot on Sunday 7.6.2020
The Patriot on Sunday 7.6.2020Source: The Patriot on Sunday



Ntsogotho investigated for poaching

Masisi targets Banyana Farms

Billions at risk!

Mogalakwe appeals petitions judgment


Seneo helps SOS children’s village

Elephants’ killer still unknown

Diamond workers unhappy with Balopi

PS overhauls Landboards

Grow Mine wins lottery tender

Botswana receives large quantities of military hardware

Covid-19: Botswana runs short of test kits

Dikgosi differ over traditional brew sale

Covid-19 disastrous for farmers

Batswana welcome game farming

Serowe schools re-open


Bomaid rebrands

De Beers fights Covid-19 volatility

Ramatlapeng takes over at Deloitte Botswana

Jefferies resigns

Anglo plant suffers leak

Letshego appointments

Investec Director changes

Moody’s affirms Botswana’s “A2” sovereign credit rating

Absa offers Purchase Order (PO) Finance

ADB boss facing new graft probe

Letshego shareholder update: Covid-19

Alcohol industry count losses as sale resumes

Absa donates PPE worth P700 000 to BONU

Japan’s formula for life satisfaction


Mafatlha tells biblical chronicle with art

Nomina set for Berlin

Queen Elizabeth rides horses @ 94


Doubts cast on Dembele departure from Barcelona

Christiano to earn $1 billion in career – Forbes says

Rollers’ hot seat

Covid-19 divides football

Table tennis action returns

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