WINs 7 May 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana
WINs 7 May 2020
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Mob attacks rape suspect

Lockdown relaxed

Fifty or more - Church rejects 10 people per service

Hope for drinkers and smokers under amended lockdown regulations


Lockdown downside - Vat en set affairs crumble under restrictions

Health officials’ secrecy only fuels Civid-19 stigma

Sex workers’ woes - COVID-19 emergency fund for migrant sex workers set up

Hunger is here

300 000 await food relief for end of April

Lockdown pregnancies up

Masks exclude the deaf further

Bloody affair

Artists happy with National Arts Bill

Epilepsy: create awareness, shatter the myths

Education on Epilepsy essential

Two broad-spectrum antivirals against COVID-19 (…Part 3)

Mental health self care tips for health professionals


‘Digital platforms critical for SMMES post COVID-19’

Diamonds to take longer to recover-report

BURS comes to the rescue of small business owners

ODC earns $18,7m from March spot diamond auction

Absa Life provides P1m for COVID-19 fight


Hot new act: The Nators

A refreshing hip-hop sound

Kabelo Eric releases single with Rwanda gospel powerhouse

DJ Rosey’ star rises


Nijel to his fans: ‘Call me Zoro!’

Sport too broke to donate

Flamboyant Chicco keeps dancing

Orange Phikwe National Marathon cancelled

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