WINs 5 June 2020

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WINs 5 June 2020
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Mmegi 5.6.2020
Mmegi 5.6.2020Source: Mmegi



US Bank dumps BPOPF

Football’s P300million dilemma

Border jumping students quarantined

Remembering Thusoski Letlhoma


Schools re-open as pupils walk in Covid-19 challenges

Tonota schools battle accommodation woes

Re-opened Kediretswe Primary heaves under serious challenges

The challenges of double shift at Mater Spei

Lands ministry suspends workers

Keorapetse, Skelemani agree pn PAC meetings

Social media use on the rise in Botswana

Alcohol imbibers urged to drink responsibly

Schools spare the cane

Cop loses malicious prosecution suit

Informal sector: The savior of many families

Motovac employees donate food hampers

Sounding the empowerment trumpet

Khato Civils start work on the Masama 100km pipeline

Misconceptions around social workers drive confusion and hatred

A layman’s introduction into cyber security

From health crisis to bank crisis


The limits of extreme Covid monetary policy

Gov’t extends lifeline as 140,000 companies face the chop

Debswana cuts production amid Covid-19 market glut

Jefferies joins Fin Min

Internet access jumps to 64%

BPC tarrifs touch cost level

Letshego expects P31m knock

Moody’s forecast 7% drop for Botswana’s economy

Chobe upbeat as tourists choose deferrals over cancelations

Namibia to borrow P91 billion in budget

Can the hotel industry bounce back? Part 1


Taps open up at drinking holes

GIMC to proceed without international acts

God inspired Motladille releases first offering

Kobe Twin’s magic hands process leather merchandise

Garfxld quits DJ’ing ventures into singing


BNOC scores 36% in Satisfaction Survey

Strict rules for softball as league returns

Cricket cautious ahead of return

Gov’t promises to clear teachers’ arrears this week

Gabz Rising Stars aims to alter football landscape

Gunners receive Umbro cash boost

First division sided in the dark over relief fund

Clubs face difficult choice

BFA defends consultaion process

The winners and losers if seasons is voided

Ban on alcohol sport sponsorship lifted

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