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Hotwire What's In The News (WINs) are a service to our top clients, with daily alerts on what is making Botswana's news. |Source: Hotwire
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WINs 28 June 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana

By Tanlume Enyatseng

The Patriot on Sunday 28.6.2020
The Patriot on Sunday 28.6.2020Source: The Patriot on Sunday



BDP MPs fed up

Mercenaries smuggle P3 billion through Botswana

Another motion of no confidence on Masisi planned

Moswaane petitions Masisi


Chinese Association donates to SOS

Those presides over Lesotho treason trial

BPS receives 3 helicopters in Aug

E-Learning initiative wins prestigious award

Batlokwa rope in Boko

Millions lost at MoBE

Nxaraga floods: hope for hippos

Farmers unhappy with Dikoloti

Botswana’s poverty at 46.2%

Defeating COVID-19 and cushion its impact with solidarity and cooperation

China’s Palace diplomacy in Africa

Investigators uncover roles of mercenaries in UAE-backed Libya helicopter gunship plan


BIHL ready to absorb Covid-19 shocks

BBS sees 3% growth in loans

Experts weigh in on recovery plan

BancABC virtual AGM

Thomas confident Lucara can navigate crisis

BancABC appoints Sebabi to board

Pangolin resumes exploration

Africa’s long-term growth prospects remain intact

Minister Moagi visits OLD mines

BIHL Trust launches MogwebiQuest App

Three independent power producers unveiled

Botswana Life among most admired financial services brands


Matsieng, Ramco reunion!

The Elephant Whisperer!

Artists & Businesses will be able to charge for live streams


Liverpool end little drought

‘It took a while'

Olympic target cut!

Booze, sport reunited

Women’s footie improves!

Sunday Standard 28.6.2020
Sunday Standard 28.6.2020Source: Sunday Standard



Botswana to ease Western countries’ travel ban

World oath distances themselves from DIS ‘lawsuit’

Jobs bloodbath stains diamond sector glitter

Chinese quartet fleeces P17 million from taxman

If revolution is nigh can ATI be its leader?


South Africa is best cultural- tourism model for Botswana

Council staff asked to familiarise itself with BDP election manifesto

Maunatla villagers sue state

World Oath distances themselves from DIS ‘lawsuit’

Botswana to ease Western countries travel ban

Chinese quartet fleeces P17 million from taxman

GPH cancer patients’ lives on a knife-edge

Botswana police in security breach

Adios and hello again

Jobs bloodbath stains diamond sector glitter

Senior civil servants still feel more powerful than ministries


The return of Fengyue glass project

Gov’t considers unemployment benefit scheme

Botswana turns to citizens for P40 billion

BOCRA urges aspiring businesspersons to use domain names

Heightened financial inclusion, literacy important for ingredients for economic development

A different Botswana after Covid-19

Now, more than ever we need to up our game on financial literacy


Botswana working women are more likely to suffer “bitches” than male counterparts

Sections 77, 78 and 79 dealt Botswana’s cultural tourism a heavy blow


Same script, same characters, different roles - BFA forwards elections

Tennis bounces back from Covid-19 hurdle

Dingake faces the BFA axe

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