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Hotwire What's In The News (WINs) are a service to our top clients, with daily alerts on what is making Botswana's news. |Source: Hotwire
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WINs 27 March 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana

By Kabelo Binns

Mmegi 27.3.2020
Mmegi 27.3.2020Source: Mmegi



COVID-19 to gobble P40bn

‘Butterfly’ wants Magosi’s decision reviewed

Kavazovic faces charge over ‘potato league’

Declare lockdown NOW!


Thamani quarantine condemned as ‘unhealthy’

Lack of equipment undermines Coronavirus fight

COVID-19: Botswana’s first hunting season in jeopardy

Economy stares into the abyss

Coronavirus intervention continues to cause confusion

Strategic grain reserves are Corona-proof, BAMB assures

Logistics become coronavirus’ nightmare

Porous anti-coronavirus measures raise red flags

Setlalekgosi JSS heeds the coronavirus message

COVID-19: Lack of adherence to preventative measures a worry

PASDEC in coronavirus exposure allegations

Police charge two for violating coronavirus measures

DIS, NPF signatory non-existent – prosecutor

Pandemics and crises demand decisive leadership

Limkokwing University supports Government efforts in combating COVID-19

Moatlhodi uses his political skills to fight coronavirus

When the reality of quarantine kicks in

In the eye of a quarantine storm

Coronavirus poses extra risk for smokers and vapers


Economy needs stimulus of up to P4bn

Insuring the survival of post-pandemic economies

Sight 3 poser for De Beers

Tlou takes coronavirus hit

BSE in ‘lockdown’

StanChart’s higher profits

BSE stands tall as global markets crumble

Choppies withdraws from African troublespots

Ethiopia wants G-20 to consider US$150bn emergency funding package for Africa


Demand surges for in-home entertainment

Returning Batswana DStv SA subscribers quarantined

Kulenyane releases

Dramaboi finds musical pearl in deadly COVID-19

Okavango River of Dreams wins big

Public speaking pageantry on the cards

Battlefront Arts and Stem nurture young talent


Olympics biggest casualty as busier 2021 beckons

Fencers remain in SA amid lockdown

IOC under fire after boxers test positive

Biker Mompe on rough path to greatness

Coronavirus, the ultimate game spoiler

Chikumba takes Calendar to the stars

Rejuvenated Orebonye serves timely reminder

Players urged to tap into branding

Kavazovic faces charge over ‘potato league’ post

Thebe charged with reckless driving

The Voice 27.3.2020
The Voice 27.3.2020Source: The Voice



Sangomas’ fatal battle

Judge Key Dingake and family quarantined

353 quarantined by Wednesday


Parties take a stand on COVID-19

Thou shalt not slumber

Trio accused of gang rape

Battered by Batista

Fatal messages

Girl, 8, found hanging in parents’ house

Man admits to arson

A watery grave

The roadside warriors

Coping during coronavirus pandemic

Scary times!

Man accused of setting stepson on fire

Kablay cracks the whip

COVID-19 Scare: Workers flee from foreman

Gone without a trace

Saleshando warns of COVID-19, dispels myths

Batawana pursue Moremi Game Reserve

Up for the fight: Preparing for COVID-19

Man accused of killing sister’s boyfriend

COVID-19 fight reaches Zola

A legend rests


BSEL shrugs off COVID-19 … for now

Mining producer price index down

Tlou cuts directors’ salaries

Oil prices take a further knock

The stone breaker

A teacher on a disc

Payless to pay more!


A superstar explodes

Joyous preparations on

Social media round up

Tips for artists

We’re doomed: An MC’s COVID-19 tears

Finding potential amid the pandemic

Rex flexes his musical might

Fashion without borders scoop


Uncertainty over V-Ball League return

Sizzling for the Reds

BNOC to call off camp

Waiting for Europe

A dream deferred

The Business Weekly & Review 27.3.2020
The Business Weekly & Review 27.3.2020Source: The Business Weekly & Review



COVID – 19 The economic Infection

Inside the Stanbic’s Thingamajig


COVID – 19 compels salary slash at Tlou

VP out increased lockdown for Batswana

WUC restores water at homes

We all need to figure out how to work from home


Inside the Stanbic’s Thingamajig

Severe global recession looms

Eco tourism giants contemplate salary and job cuts

Bank Gaborone wary of COVID-19 impact

BOD perturbed by SA’s declaration of national disaster

Minister Kereng officially reopens Wilderness premier camps


Manu Dibango Afropolitan musical genius with a giant heart


CoronaVirus: Will players be fit enough to resume the premier league season?

Expert fear not

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