WINs 24 May 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana
WINs 24 May 2020
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the Patriot on Sunday 24.5.2020
the Patriot on Sunday 24.5.2020Source: The Patriot on Sunday

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Re-open: Schools not ready

Moswaane blasts Government

SA truckers block Botswana borders

Saleshando in masks tender row


Understanding cyberattacks on computers

Step Up, Makwala donate

Batswana turn to social media

Kgori Capital exonerated from NPF case

Govt de-horns, relocates rhinos

Mystery over dead elephants

Another lockdown possible

Botswana 2nd in mobile phone penetration in sub-Saharan Africa -Report

Unforced errors from PS

‘Talk to Molale,’ Social workers tell angry mob

Botswana tackling tough times and looking to the future


BSB tender losers target Marumola

NBFIs revenue 6.5% down

CA Sales acquires

Choppies updates

Chobe PBT up 15%

StanChart donates P3.6m to Red Cross

BSE suspends African Alliance

Setimela takes charge at Absa business

Malaika to launch Botswana inspired collection

Why you can’t get anything done

FNBB support to creative arts


China scraps growth target for first time

Africa’s airline sector grounded

Khoemacau in production

Retool annual budgets towards agriculture production – ADI


Franco’s COVID 19 losses

Dumatau – a sustainable approach to fine dining

Performing visual arts return


Govt snubs lower division, foreign players

Nare recalls encounter with Mamelodi Sundowns coach

Thebe, Nkobolo probe complete

‘Bring back Sabbatini’- BVF

Competitive sport resumes

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