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Hotwire What's In The News (WINs) are a service to our top clients, with daily alerts on what is making Botswana's news. |Source: Hotwire
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WINs 21 June 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana

By Kefetse Denise Molopo

The Patriot on Sunday 21.6.2020
The Patriot on Sunday 21.6.2020Source: The Patriot on Sunday



‘Guma will hurt BDP’

Ministers under pressure

Govt ‘captures’ BPOPF Board

Gov’t, GPH ugly brawl

BoB confident of economic recovery


‘Africa’s youth, the beacon of tomorrow’

New book expose: How cubs are stolen from Botswana to feed SA’s Lion farming industry

City of Angels donates

DIS letter haunts China Jiangsu

DIS agent wins reinstatement

China extends COVID-19 relief to Africa

Joint statement of the Extraordinary China-Africa Summit

Defeating COVID-19 with solidarity and cooperation

Masisi orders COVID-19 compliance

Govt to bail out tourism

Fighting fire with fire

African Fields wins 20 elephants quota


StanChart donates PPE to Sir Ketumile Masire Hospital

Alexander Forbes donates to Kgurutse Primary School

Informal sector on brink of collapse

Choppies, the most admired brand in Botswana: Survey

Bank Rate maintained at 4.25%

Rebooting world’s deepest mines

Tlou Energy to raise AUD3. 0m for Lesedi CBM


Halethaba ArtSpace: Brand on mission

Maun vibrant again!

Tito swindled money for album recording deal


Biggest losers

Boxing returns in July

Inside BFA Medical Committee Report

Sunday Standard 21.6.2020
Sunday Standard 21.6.2020Source: Sunday Standard



Masisi’s COVID-19 hangers-on stage boardroom coup

Sekwakwa sees Tsipayagae’s invisible hand on the axe

Private hospital COVID-19 test mutates into a national security issue

Botswana joins global calls for US to end injustices against African-Americans

Lights out, businesses on the verge of collapse


US dismisses Khama’s favourite int’l legal system as a “kangaroo court"

Choppies' generosity is paradoxically killing small businesses

As monuments to racists tumble, one still standing in Gaborone

Funds dry up to pay CAAB employees June salaries?

Rail union presses for criminal charges against officials

To defeat COVID-19 and cushion its impact with solidarity and cooperation

China pours scorn over imperialistic agenda conspiracies

Pilane's return to OP opportunity to reactivate career plans Khama frustrated


BoB predicts "sharp deterioration in economic growth"

Ngwana Africa takes its startup campaign to Francistown

BBS re-submits application for banking license

Consumer inflation slows in May

ODC sales to sparkle online to ward off Coronavirus

BOTASH mine defers wage increase due to COVID-19 but employees are not happy

SOEs are a necessary national burden

When the boat stops cruising due to COVID-19

The Greater Gaborone lockdown was a wise move by the Gov’t


Open relationships - is variety really the spice of life?

How COVID-19 will affect our fashion sense

No room at the inn - Jesus finds no place in Botswana’s family portrait


BFA plays parallel to oder African associations

Guilty! - BFA DC ruling an indictment on accountability of local sports

Rising tennis start eyes “The Slams"

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