WINs 15 May 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana
WINs 15 May 2020
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The Voice 15.5.2020
The Voice 15.5.2020Source: The Voice



End of the road for spy boss

Magosi to return as agency consultant

Angry father demands prison for Nata/Gweta MP

Quarantine incoming drivers


Trollope Mining Co under fire for job cuts

No pushover

The Blub World launches germ killing app

HIV Councillor accused of raping patient

COVID-19 voice note lands man in jail

All light amid the darkness

Invasion of the locusts

Bat plague hits Maun schools

Mr. Veg donates fruits and vegetables to the needy

Bewitched or stubborn?

Poverty stricken and striking cops

Life in school post lockdown

On the front-lines of COVID-19

BONU calls on Govt to invest more on nurses

Kanyare shot dead

A young boy’s sacrifice


Banks credit extension on the rise

The wage subsidy impasse

Local fuel transporters want further price reduction

Boitekanelo College ready to supply market with SHE officers

Saving the planet


Young rapper dreams of global glory

4 African brands to up your style game

Hitting the high notes

Motlha bounces back with “Pha Pha”

A musician’s cry for help

Adele’s new bod

Majaga under the fire

Temperatures boil over thermometer prices

New Corona case

Politicians mask up

Why is it hard to lead by example?

Stupid Mike

Shame on you, officer!

It’s time to eat P25

Pay up or be shamed


Recharged in Rwanda

Matjimenyenga dig deep

BFA shocked to learn of U/17s World Cup exit

Taxing times at TAFIC

Heartbreak or hoax?

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