WINs 15 March 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana
WINs 15 March 2020
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The Patriot on Sunday 15.3.2020
The Patriot on Sunday 15.3.2020Source: The Patriot on Sunday



Moatlhodi shocks UDC MPsMPs loose P540m

Letsholo enters BDP SG race?

OBK: A fierce Commando!


Africa and the European Union: a partnership for the future"There is a shift in our way of life"

Okavango River comes alive

Rakgare warns corrupt councilors

Kgosi goes to trial

SA police and Interpol hand wanted fugitive over to Botswana

Schools to teach local languages

MLWS rots further

MoA warns against ISPAAD fraud

'Hearing loss should not limit you

Barminco accused of nepotism

COVID-19 chokes tourism

Lance Corporal Tlhaloganyo. Our Fallen hero!

Maun Park transformed into Science park

Lekolori advocates for digital businesses

AGOA: another cycle of failure

Youth vow to change business climate in Kgalagadi

'Parliament fails Obudsman'

Poverty eradication receives upbeat

Atlega mobile app reaches every child

Boy (8), drowns in school manhole


BIHL's core earnings up 7%PPADD to evaluate parastatals

WIBA decries Asian takeover of textile industry

Africa Energy gets approval for Sese Power Station

Direction changes at Investec

Absa profits

CA Sales profit jumps 17%

The wild life of Twitter CEO

Majwanaadipitse School gets tablets


Difficult Women!

Legae sponsors schools show

Meghan opens up about 'camping' in Botswana

Nikita: the emerging film-maker

Learn yoga, spot lions


McTominay hails 'born winner' Fernandes

Liverpool will sign alternative to Salah, Mane & Firmino

P32m schools' sports crisis

Netball to miss 2023 World Cup

Teachers condemn suspension of sports

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