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Hotwire What's In The News (WINs) are a service to our top clients, with daily alerts on what is making Botswana's news. |Source: Hotwire
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WINs 14 June 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana

By Taazima Kala-Essack

The Patriot on Sunday 14.6.2020
The Patriot on Sunday 14.6.2020Source: The Patriot on Sunday



DIS letter gobbles P130m

Moswaane’s unwanted truth

Basarwa lose Banyana ranch

Celebrating the life of Dr. Tikhala Chibwana

Prof. Dube joins WHO Advisory Panel

Toilet waste disposed carelessly

Conmen “steal” UN logo

Elephant deaths probe dies

Modubule for BMD President

Teachers, MoBE deadlocked


Ngamiland fishermen cry out

COVID-19 battle far from over

Serowe cllrs unhappy over COVID-19 food

Exposed: DIS hand in 2019 elections

Teachers want readiness report

Cops demand audit of savings

By air and sea, mercenaries landed in Libya, but the plan went south


BancABC focuses on revenue growth - MD

Makepe joins Afinitas Board

Botswana Post, Choppies in social grants payment deal

Forex rates harm BEMA members

Sefalana in lottery

FNBB most traded stock so far

De Beers’ May sales net $35m

EHR enters Botswana diamond exploration space

UNDP Supports Botswana SMEs

Stan-Chart leverages technology to promote social distancing

Miners stuck with gems worth billions

US consumers will seek meaningful gifts - De Beers


Okavango Craft Brewery launches

Ntsweng Heritage Site!


Coronavirus lockdown costs Premier League clubs 1 billion Pounds in lost revenue

Tottenham midfielder banned for one match over coronavirus post

Footballers’ Welfare Fund

Montsho defers retirement

Amos: I used to run like Toyota, now I’m Bugatti!

Sunday Standard 14.6.2020
Sunday Standard 14.6.2020Source: Sunday Standard



UDC petition witnesses demand their cut

GPH exposes Botswana’s Covid-19 weakest link

Cabinet divided over tobacco ban as Gov loses over P100m on alcohol/tobacco revenue

BR Board has no finance or accounting professional

Believers find way around regulation that limits church attendance numbers

Disney ends programme Batswana hotel workers have benefitted from

Mogalakwe’s lawyer should be punished for ignorance of the law

SA drugs export restrictions throttle Botswana patients amid COVID-19

BLLAHWU sues govt over pay hike freeze

UK based rights group Survival International renews fight against Govt


Segokgo re-appoints Member of Board Mokaila fired

Socio-economic injustice disguised as COVID-19 philanthropy

Facebook reminds kneeling Khama or when black lives didn’t matter to him


Civil servants amongst “ghost employees” identified in the COVID-19 payroll

Females are the face of job seekers in Botswana, survey shows

Unscathed BMC buys 8000 cattle for P45 million amid COVID-19

BMC anticipates diminished revenue after lockdown

Local companies outshine foreign ones at BSEL

FNBB top trader at stock exchange

Botswana’s Social Safety Nets Programmes musses our target beneficiaries

BTCL financials delayed by covid-19

Retail lending buoys SCBB earnings

Fuel prices drop on the back of a strong NPF

BotswanaPost loses P78 million to COVID-19


The not so sweet lives of mothers with choice assorted kids

Fashion clothing could take a hit due to mask-wearing


BONA President doubts the cost of coronavirus on netball

Pro Boxing gears up for the new normal

Out of rhythm BFA dances to Samba music

Paralympics get P2.8 million shot in the arm

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