WINs 13 May 2020
Today's leading stories from Botswana
Botswana Gazette 13.5.2020
Botswana Gazette 13.5.2020Source: Botswana Gazette

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Gov’t rakes in P20m from cops, soldiers

The House of Phandu

EU blacklisted Botswana over money laundering and anti-terrorism

A clarion call for Majaga’s suspension

CA Sales: How truckers risk COVID-19 to keep us fed

Hotels, Lodges slap Government with P35m quarantine bill


Police registers cases of abuse against BDF, during lockdown

Minister has report of BR Accident Probe Report

The coming COVID-19 education disaster

On the dis-honourable Majaga: What it means to be a Motswana

Our Parliament is too defective to deal with COVID-19

Regional food security in the wake of COVID-19

P200m project to end water shortage in North East, Tutume begins

IDM embraces e-learning, as COVID-19 response

BTC connects Batswana and businesses during lockdown


Lucara started 2020 on a low

Gov’t opens door to more foreign insurers

Over 70 percent of Batswana are uninsured

De Beers Group auctions expands digital selling presence


How COVID-19 looks like from the literary world

Lauri Kubuitsile makes profound “Revelations"

Content creators to look out for under lockdown

Contending with COVID-19 is especially hard for artists - BOMU


“Khama wanted me to work at his farm" - Coach Bright

From dusty grounds to USA with ‘Thuto'

Olympics postponements cost BAA P1.3 million

BAA sees the brighter side on COVID-19

Club officials decry low attendance

BOKA’s Commonwealth Karate Champs bid delayed?

Gaolaolwe, Morake affected as TS Galaxy ponders pay cuts

The Midweek Sun 13.5.2020
The Midweek Sun 13.5.2020Source: The Midweek Sun

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Farmers’ bloody fight

Councillor busted

A joint Will a must for married couples

Schools set to open on June 2


Debonairs Pizza assault case back in court

Thirsty people - sale of homemade alcohol soars nationally

Fit for dogs - Government dumps low quality maize meal

Covid-19 lessons for businesses

‘step aside Majaga’ - Angry public demands sacking of Magaga

Man found hanging from a tree after hacking wife with axe

Two arrested for suspected dagga possession

Covid-19 patient caregivers celebrated

A cursed blessing - 29 arrested for going out to see Thamalakane River flowing after a long dry spell

Of foreign nationals swindling Botswana Government

Of South Africans envying Batswana on food baskets

Of bosses who play double standards

Gabs slides back to phase one lockdown

102 Cuban health specialists expected in Botswana

How to keep faith during difficult times in life

Reinventing the wheel for corona virus

Art of Living Foundation hosts Africa reach meditation campaign


LEA develops centralised database for SMMES

Hutrex answers the disinfection call

Trade Ministry allows some businesses to operate

Borrowing to go up

De Beers launches

Pick & Pay tumbles

AB Inbev woes

RDC to launch retirement houses project

Retailers welcome the plexiglas initiative

NBFIRA predicts life insurance sector growth


Bangu Shagwa sizzles her way into music industry


Pearl Cutten releases “You are beautiful”

Naisiboy drops banging single, My Life


Ditshupo fit to play

Dipsy reflects on stellar career

Tennis eager to return to the courts

Nkobolo recovering from car crash injuries

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