WINs 1 March 2020

Today's leading stories from Botswana
WINs 1 March 2020
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The Patriot on Sunday 1.3.2020
The Patriot on Sunday 1.3.2020Source: The Patriot on Sunday



BPOPF CEO’s future uncertain

Tsogwane, Skelemani clash

Race for BDP SG position intensifies

‘Spooks’ at State House

Masisi criticises USA over Zim sanctions


Rebellious truckers defies court

BHC frustrates BDF

SMMEs decry late payment by govt

Kgalagadi youth change business ethos

‘Cut’ sidelines BDP nominated Cllrs

Abusive security companies warned

Nata Trust could lose Concession CT/5

Land crisis in Phitshane Molop

Shamukuni hails Matsha

Estate Construction retrenches

Maun residents, WUC clash

Gender diversity, inclusion improves in African businesses

Debonairs pizza adds 18th store

CEO relives BR accident ordeal

‘ICT core to everyday life’

7000 students benefit from digital programme

Face-collecting company database hacked

AI ethics backed by pope and tech giants in new plan

New technologies in diamond exploration


Okai fast off the blocks

BoB forecasts 4.4% GDP rise in 2020

P10m for Forbes Summit

FNBB wins two awards

BDC signs P900m deal with ADB

Kamela Tours Merc Sprinter passes the million km mark

Tlou Energy advances PPA negotiations

BoD lands kimberlite at SA project

BSB widens client base

Letshego targets 1000 young entrepreneurs

BTC donates to Tsokatshaa Primary School

Monyatsi appointed Letshego COO

Finestar Diamonds opens in Botswana

Half a billion profit for Bank Gaborone’s parent co.

Bank rate unchanged at 4.75%

PPADB hosts DATCs capacity building workshop


Don’t be shy; be fearless!

FWB fever unleashed

Mophato Dance Theatre: Exploring contemporary dance in Botswana

Ngui makes a mark


Botswana 3rd in Swimming Championships

Volleyball on revival mode

Man Utd earnings fall

Orapa, Rollers vie for P1.4m

Saving local soccer

DTCB sponsors basketball tourney

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