Finance News 7 March 2020

Summaries of today's leading financial news
Finance News 7 March 2020
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Kgosi now main act in P250m NPF case – Kgosi is charged alongside High Court Justice Zein Kebonang, his twin brother Sadique Kebonang, Kenneth Kerekang, Bakang Seretse, Khulaco Company, Mogomotsi Seretse, Kago Stimela, Kgori Capital and its directors Sharifa Noor and Alphonse Ndzinge. (Weekend Post)

Botswana needs P3bn for classroom shortage crisis – World Bank – A Public Expenditure Review (PER) assessment on basic education carried out by World Bank has outlined a litany of problems bedevilling Botswana’s education sector, key among them – acute shortage of infrastructure that will require at least P3 billion to address – and over supply of teaching personnel. (Weekend Post)

DCI gained 1.39% year to date – The Domestic Companies Index (DCI) gained 0.11 percent during the week ending February 28, 2020. (Weekend Post)

Lender, Letshego loan book to fatten April 1st – Banks and micro lenders like Letshego will be one of the big beneficiaries when government effects the second leg of the civil servants on April 1st, this was observed by Motswedi Securities experts recently. (Weekend Post)

FNBB’s focus on customer-centric strategy fired up the balance sheet – First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) released its unaudited summarised consolidated financial results recently in Gaborone. (Weekend Post)

World Bank, IMF dole out US$62M to bout corona virus plague! – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank say they are ready to provide “emergency financing” for countries hit hard by the corona virus outbreak, as the world’s top multilateral financial institutions sought to blunt the impact on the world economy. (Weekend Post)

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