Finance News 24 May 2020

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Finance News 24 May 2020
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BSB tender losers target Marumola - Some multinational companies in the IT industry are unhappy with Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Savings Banks, Nixon Marumola, after losing out on a multimillion-pula core banking and cybersecurity tender and have launched a smear campaign to discredit him. (The Patriot)

StanChart donates P3.6m to Red Cross - Standard Chartered Botswana has contributed USD 300,000 (P3.6 million) to Red Cross programmes for communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. (The Patriot)BSE suspends African Alliance - Botswana Stock Exchange and the Central Securities Depository Botswana (CSDB) have suspended African Alliance Botswana securities from trading and any other brokerage business on the BSE for an indefinite period. (The Patriot)

Setimela takes charge at Absa business - Good customer service highest on his priorities. (The Patriot)

FNBB support to creative arts - In light of the impact COVID-19 has had on the creative industry in Botswana, First National Bank Botswana has announced further details on the approved programmes and intended disbursements of its P1.5 million contribution to COVID-19 relief support of the performing arts and creative industry. (The Patriot)

Consumer inflation shift gears, picked up pace in April - A steep rise in electricity charges and disruption of food supplies helped push up consumer prices, with the monthly change in prices accelerating at higher pace in 2018. (Sunday Standard)

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