Finance News 18 June 2020

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Finance News 18 June 2020
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Covid-19 affects consumer inflation data collection – SB – The on-going fight against Covid-19 pandemic continues to disturb collection of data to measure inflation on the economy. (Botswana Guardian)

AfDB funds Zim – Zimbabwe which is struggling to survive economically – making it to face challenging in fighting the Corona Virus is set to get a much-needed financial assistance of $13.7 million from African Development Bank. (Botswana Guardian)

NDB introduces P50m agric stimulus package – The National Development Bank (NDB) is introducing a P50 millions agribusiness Stimulus Fund as part of its contribution to catalyse and proactively boost the agricultural sector. (Botswana Guardian)

Absa top executives get handsome pay – Absa Bank Botswana, one of the biggest banks in the country has spent over P12 million as payment for its senior managers in the past financial year which also saw the bank transformation from Barclays Bank of Botswana and a massive marketing and brand exercise being concluded. (Botswana Guardian)

BSEL crafts post demutualisation rules – Eighteen months after successfully completing demutualisation, Botswana Stock Exchange Limited (BSEL) has started drafting new members’ rules for the bourse. (Botswana Guardian)

Makepe joins Afinitas board – Lipalesa Makepe has been appointed to the board as an independent non-executive director, effective June 2020. (Botswana Guardian)

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