Finance News 17 June 2020

Summaries of today's leading financial news
Finance News 17 June 2020
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Hier Hunters set foot in Botswana – The first company to offer services of tracing interstate beneficiaries recently opened shop in Botswana under the name Hier Hunters. (The Midweek Sun)

StanChart debuts new banking platforms – Standard Chartered, the country’s oldest bank has launched a number of banking initiatives which is expected to further transform the bank’s service delivery channels especially in the era of digitalisation and Covid-19. (The Midweek Sun)

Covid-19 delays BTC financials – The Botswana Stock Exchange quoted tele- communications giant, Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTC), has announced that it will miss the release of its audited financial statements which were expected on or before 30 June by at least a month. (Botswana Gazette)

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