Finance News 11 March 2020

Summaries of today's leading financial news
Finance News 11 March 2020
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Kgosi becomes accused number one in NPF case – Isaac Kgosi is expected to appear before a different magistrate at the Broadhurst Magistrate Court following Goodwill Makofi’s recusal to preside over the alleged corruption case. (The Telegraph)

Botswana gets good marks for credit – Botswana might have widening budget shortfalls, but that should not concern the diamond dependent economy as it remains a favourite for lenders, with Botswana seen as low credit risk, enabling the country to borrow at favourable terms to meet budget shortfalls. (The Telegraph)

Choppies financials will be 12 months late, again – Botswana’s embattled retailer, Choppies Enterprises, has cautioned that its outstanding audited results will be released in three months, overdue by a whole year. (The Telegraph)

Choppies results out in June Choppies Enterprise Limited this week disclosed that the Annual Report, Auditor’s Report and Annual Financial Statements in respect of the financial year ended 30 June 2019 shall be completed and released by 30 June 2020. (The Midweek Sun)

BIHL releases 2019 financial results Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited will today present its full year financial results to December 2019. (The Midweek Sun)

Will SA look up to Botswana’s Pula Fund as its benchmark for Sovereign Wealth Fund? – Botswana’s Pula Fund, Africa’s largest and oldest sovereign wealth fund could play a ‘mentor’ role to South Africa’s newly established sovereign wealth Fund. (The Telegraph)

FirstRand reports 5% half-year profit rise FirstRand reported a 5 percent rise in normalised half year-profits on Tuesday, lifting its shares even as it warned the impact of a rapidly deteriorating economy in South Africa was becoming evident across its customer base. (The Midweek Sun)

GetBucks supports Botswana Careers Roundtable GetBucks Limited in conjunction with the Botswana Careers Roundtable (BCR) hosted the first installment of the BCR corporate breakfast. (The Midweek Sun)

CFA society South Africa join Botswana, Namibia and Zambia stock exchange to ‘ring the bell for gender equality' – The “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” initiative is a partnership between the International Finance Corporation, the Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative, UN Global Compact, UN Women, the World Federation of Exchanges and Women in ETFs. (The Midweek Sun)

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