Too Soon?

Is it too soon to talk about COVID-19? Or more specifically, what it could mean for the human race? Simon Hughes shares his thoughts with Kabelo Binns.
Too Soon?
CoronavirusSource: Pixabay

Is it too soon to talk about Covid-19? Or more specifically, what it could mean for the human race? I hope not. Bear with me. I am not referring to widespread loss of lives, and global economic slow-down. I mean long term positive change.

Over the past decade or so, humankind has bumbled and fought its way through the climate change/global warming/global heating/end-of-civilisation-as-we-know-it-debate. There have been attempts by scientists to do what they do not do naturally – communicate – followed by what in the future will likely be seen as international illegal arms dealer levels of vacillation and denial; all resulting in staggering levels of inaction.

The only thing we have done well as we face certain doom is nothing. No matter how the facts and figures are presented, there are so many vested interests in fossil-fuels, travel, etc; that behavioural change is glacial at best – excuse the pun. Actually, request for excusal withdrawn; glaciers are disappearing faster than we are changing our behaviour.

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