"I recently came to realise that I do in fact punch like a girl. And let it be known, I’m actually incredibly proud of that fact."

Punch Like a Girl

Taazima Kala-Essack

Words Have Power!

Kefentse Denise Molopo

Just What the Doctor Prescribed

Taazima Kala-Essack

No, It's Not Writer's Block; My Ink Has Bled Dry!

Palesa Makoti

A ‘kingmaker’ refers to those close confidantes who groom, coach and direct future leaders, with a view to seeing them succeed to a top position where they themselves will continue to wield undue power and influence.

Cummings or Goings

Stuart White

Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. When the Pope first commissioned Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling – today considered one of the greatest masterpieces of all time – he declined the offer.

False Negatives and Little Voices with Good Intentions

Taazima Kala-Essack

A tale of Whoppers and progress

Is Marketing Beset with Enemies of Progress?

Taazima Kala-Essack

The Hotwire XChange