When All Else Fails, Have Child-Like Faith
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When All Else Fails, Have Child-Like Faith

Hotwire PR Consultant, Palesa Makoti, ponders on why child-like faith might be the right answer to help when it comes to "adulting"

Palesa Makoti

Palesa Makoti

‘Adulting’ as they say, is pretty damn hard when you haven’t a clue how to manoeuvre life’s curveballs. It is as though you wake up one day and find yourself in debt, in poor health and with no prospects for what seems like a bleak future. When the lightbulb switches on and you realise you are no longer considered ‘a youth,’ panic sets in.

You begin to attend more house warmings, baby showers and weddings. Everyone around you seems to be “doing well” for themselves, and at every single one of these events, you are asked “when you will walk the path?”

Is this even something you aspire to? What do you want out of life? Where did all the time go? All you need at this point is more time! Time to figure things out, time to expand your piggybank, more time at the gym, more time to make the right decisions and, honestly, more time to sleep! In case you had not noticed, it is a pretty grim picture. So how does one pull themselves out of this rut? My recommendation…. have child-like faith!

Children are the most fearless people on Earth; they lean towards adventure and view the world through a curious yet hopeful lens. They are not afraid to push the envelope and see what happens next. Every discovery is cherished as a step towards figuring out this big, big world.

What if, for just one moment, we had child-like faith and viewed life as one great adventure? What may seem like trials and tribulations now become pieces of a puzzle. By no means is life as simple as a puzzle made out of cardboard, but maybe if we changed our approach to life’s intricacies, we could actually see the silver-lining behind our experiences.

We can now begin to map out our future without fear of what might be and a greater appetite for what happens next.

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