Manners and etiquette should be a non-negotiable
Manners and etiquette should be a non-negotiable|Source: Pixabay
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Don’t Forget to Say Please and Thank You!

PR Consultant, Palesa Makoti, chats to Kabelo Binns on Ps and Qs

Palesa Makoti
Kabelo Binns

Palesa Makoti

Kabelo Binns

I imagine most of my peers share a similar upbringing to my own. Your parents would die of embarrassment if you managed to misbehave in any way in front of guests at home or even strangers in a public space. Like clockwork, you knew when to say please, and when to say thank you.

This cardinal rule is one you would think would grow with us into adulthood. So why is it that we hardly experience it in the work place? It almost feels as though there is an unwritten law to be as impolite as possible. This way everyone will take you seriously, after all, who wants to appear meagre and weak, right?

Wrong! Being assertive and being rude are mutually exclusive, at least in my opinion. There are a myriad of ways to persuade people to do as you ask while maintaining absolute authority over your well-mannered nature. Perhaps if we took this ‘higher’ ground, more would get done at a much faster pace. Begrudgingly doing something doesn’t always bring the desired results, ask any kid who sulks while executing a direct order from their parent.

Managing personalities and perceived behaviours can be complicated. Navigating one’s way through this monster of emotions is never easy and granted, we all have our own way of approaching the monster.

Surely there is room to find common ground if we appeal to our innate human nature and the societal expectation to be kind.

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