Abu Wildlife

The essence of Abu is the experience of being part of an elephant herd in its natural habitat. The Abu Concession varies from open grasslands to secluded island sanctuaries & papyrus-fringed channels.
Abu Wildlife
Abu Herd up close and personal Wilderness Safaris
Family game drive
Family game driveCaroline Culbert via Wilderness Safaris
Naledi having a bath
Naledi having a bathDana Allen via Wilderness Safaris
Young male kudu antelope
Young male kudu antelopeDana Allen Wilderness Safaris
Giraffe herd
Giraffe herdDana Allen via Wilderness Safaris
Walking with the Abu herd
Walking with the Abu herdAndrew Howard via Wilderness Safaris
Impromptu mud bath
Impromptu mud bathAndrew Howard via Wilderness Safaris
Baby Naledi
Baby NalediWilderness Safaris
Baby Naledi
Baby NalediWilderness Safaris
Wild dog sighting on game drive
Wild dog sighting on game driveDana Allen via Wilderness Safaris
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