Press Releases (The BIHL Group)

Press Releases (The BIHL Group)
Neo Bogatsu (left) and Catherine Lesetedi (right)

BIHL Celebrates Excellence in Leadership, as Bifm CEO Wins Award

Taazima Kala-Essack

Bifm Champions Pleasing Performance with Innovative Solutions

Kabelo Binns

Botswana Life Delivers Strong Half Year Performance for BIHL

Kefetse Denise Molopo

Stronger Together with Positive Earnings Across the Board

Lorraine Dudu Kinnear

The BIHL Trust Chairman, Ms. Ngwatshi Enyatseng

The BIHL Trust Launches Mobile Gaming App

Malebogo Ashley Phillip

The BIHL Group CEO, Ms. Catherine Lesetedi

The BIHL Group & Subsidiaries Contribute P16m Towards COVID-19

Taazima Kala-Essack

The BIHL Group CEO, Ms. Catherine Lesetedi, presents the Group financials for the year ended 31 December 2020

The BIHL Group Produces Stellar Full Year End Results

Kabelo Binns

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