Stakeholders present at the Kgotla meeting held in Kavimba
Stakeholders present at the Kgotla meeting held in Kavimba|Source: Learn To Play / Ithute Go Tshameka
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Learn To Play Makes Headway in Helping Families in Kavimba

Learn To Play hopes to reach villages across Botswana, many of which are extremely impoverished and don’t have exposure to any sort of early childhood education.

By Malebogo Ashley Phillip


15 June 2020

GABORONE – Despite the uncertain events during this pandemic, the important need for children to continue to learn, play and thrive stands. The efforts of Learn To Play therefore continue as best as possible. Learn to Play celebrated an incredible moment last Friday when we were granted our first plot of land to develop for our Kavimba playgroup.

Learn To Plays shares heartfelt thanks to Chobe District Council; the Village Chief, Kgosi Mwezi; the Village Development Committee and Chairman, Rre Savvas; our Mamapreneurs and the entire community of Kavimba for being so welcoming, generous and warm-hearted.

The Kgotla meeting had all of the above key stakeholders present and they guided us with their advice, knowledge and expertise on working with and for the community. The allocated plot has a beautiful view of the Chobe River floodplains and sparks joy immediately!

Lean To Play cannot wait to create and cultivate opportunities for families to play, learn and thrive in Kavimba.


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