Kabelo A. Ebineng Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health & Wellness with Dr. Patrick Benon
Kabelo A. Ebineng Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health & Wellness with Dr. Patrick Benon|Source: Orange
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Orange BW Supports MoHW with PPE & Easier Comms for Health Workers

By Ngaka Sephuma


27 August 2020

Orange Botswana heeds Ministry of Health and Wellness’s (MoHW) call for more Personal protective Equipment (PPE) donations

Masks, gloves and gowns handed over in 5th COVID-19 donation to date for various stakeholders

Orange Botswana further hands over SIM cards to allow for free on net communication between health officials for ease of contact in fight against the pandemic

The fight against the spread and toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is one we all need to step up to, uniting in our efforts to support our front-line workers and keep Batswana safe as best as we can. This is the belief of Orange Botswana and has been the premise of a series of donations and contributions to relief efforts by the organisation to date. Orange Botswana has further compounded on this support in heeding the call of the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MoHW) for more much-needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which Orange Botswana today donated in a small ceremony before key stakeholders. This was in addition to SIM cards for enhanced ease of communication amongst front line workers.

Said the Minister of Health and Wellness, Honourable Dr. Edwin G. Dikoloti, who received the handover, “This donation will go a long to supporting our efforts in combating COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, PPE remains a critical commodity in ensuring that our front-line service providers are protected. The SIM cards will greatly assist in improving and bridging the communication gap in service delivery towards fight against COVID-19. The fight is still far from over and we appreciate Orange Botswana’s continued support and together we can win the fight.”

Honorable Dr Edwin G Dikoloti receiving PPE donation from Orange Botswana CEO Dr Patrick Benon
Honorable Dr Edwin G Dikoloti receiving PPE donation from Orange Botswana CEO Dr Patrick BenonSource: Orange

Orange Botswana CEO, Dr. Patrick Benon, handed over the following:

· 10,000 face masks;

· 10,000 medical gloves;

· 2,000 medical gowns; and

· 1,000 SIM Cards enabled for free on-net calls.

Said Orange Botswana CEO, Dr. Patrick Benon, “The reality that COVID-19 is changing our ways of work, way of life, and indeed entire industries in Botswana cannot be argued. We therefore commend the Honorable Minister and his team for their incredible efforts to date. This pandemic has permeated our communities and the Ministry, and all of our front-line workers continue to tirelessly fight to keep us safe. We salute them, we thank them, and we recognise the incredible sacrifice and bravery it takes to do what they do. This donation is one in a series of gestures wherein Orange Botswana strives to show our support in this fight, and we hope that it makes a difference. May we all be protected, may we see reduced transmission, and may we see infinite recovery of our people as we work to build our economy and safeguard her from more harm.”

Further to the PPE donated, the donation of 1,000 SIM cards includes with free unlimited calls amongst them to health workers on the front line. This is with a view towards helping make it easier and more seamless for health workers to communicate between various testing centres and health posts as needed.

To date, Orange Botswana has donated P5 million to the National Relief Fund, as well as a series of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donations to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Botswana valued at BWP1,64 million.

For Orange Botswana, what matters most right now is empowering Botswana’s communities and those who work to protect us stay safe, strong, and able to do their jobs even better. Theirs is a selfless battle, and Orange Botswana supports them at every turn.


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