Orange Botswana Donates PPE in Continued Fight Against COVID-19

Orange Botswana Donates PPE in Continued Fight Against COVID-19
Orange Botswana Director - Legal and Corporate Affairs, Mrs. Lepata Mafa-Nthomola, handing over the donation at SOS.Source: Orange Botswana

10 July 2020

GABORONE - The impact of COVID-19 around the globe has not waned, and while Botswana’s cases remain lower as compared to other markets, the primary and secondary impact of the pandemic is clear for all to see. Private sector entities as well as individuals have been called upon to provide support and relief where they can, and Orange Botswana continues to be amongst those working to make a sustainable difference for colleagues, customers and communities. Supplementing an earlier donation to the National Relief Fund and other relief efforts, Orange Botswana today launched a series of donations of much-needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to various non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), clinics and hospitals, schools and street vendors in Botswana valued at BWP2,000,000.00 (2) million.

The donation comes following engagement with authorities on what key gaps for aid exist. The first donation took place on the 8 July 2020 at SOS Children’s Village in Tlokweng, and comprised 250 masks, 50 literes of liquid soap, 5 thermometres, a water heating bucket and 4 water dispensing con. The donation was received by Mary Lephotho, SOS Children’s Village Centre Manager and Kgosi Taukobong . This is one of 16 handovers to be made in the coming weeks.

Orange Botswana Director- Legal and Corporate Affairs Lepata Mafa-Nthomola said, “We commend the efforts of both Government and our fellow corporates on all the great work being done. It is clear that Government has barred nothing to keep our people and our communities safe. As Orange Botswana, we further cement our commitment today in the fight against COVID-19 and we dedicate ourselves further to doing as much as we can as a member of this community towards protecting the lives of all Batswana; the safety, health and wellbeing of our people is what matters most to us, and we believe the donation of PPE will help alleviate some of the challenges being faced in this battle.”

In addition to the SOS Children’s Village, Tlokweng, donation, Orange Botswana will hand over the following; Ministry of Basic Education (Schools) – 30 thermometres, 500 cloth masks, Clinics & hospitals across the country –, 30,000 medical masks, 30, 000 gloves, 5,000 medical gowns 60 thermometres, Hawkers – 2000 cloth masks 50 liters liquid soap, Orange Women’s Digital Centres, in Molepolole – 250 cloth masks, 25L litters liquid soap 1 thermometre water buckets, in Ghanzi – 230 cloth masks, 25L liters liquid soap 1 thermometre, water buckets and in Mabele – 200 cloth masks, 25L liquid soap 1 thermometre, water buckets.

These efforts build on previous interventions, which included but are not limited to a BWP5 million contribution to the National Relief Fund and the setup of the Orange Money Direct Customer Donations platform towards the National Relief Fund, Orange Botswana has also provided customers with free and discounted data price for access to E-Learning platforms, amongst other community efforts, for Orange Botswana remains dedicated to helping preserve and protect what matters most to us all – our people and our future.

In conclusion, Lepata said, “Now is a time to come show collective support, strength and resilience. We are working to do what we can, and further appeal to all Batswana to abide by the precautionary measures, guidelines and advisory being shared by Government and the Ministry of Health & Wellness. Together, we are so much more effective in our fight against COVID-19.”


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